Monday, July 29, 2002

This Blog is for swapping stories and ideas about the Johnson City music scene.

There’s lots of good nostalgia-izing to do, but there’s also lots of new music to be recorded, new songs to be written and new stuff to make and sell. Already, it looks like there’s a handful of documentaries being produced. Maybe, one day, Johnson City will be associated with its own aesthetic described as “Appalachian Chic” or “State of Franklin Gothic.”

This weekend was the Stinky Finger, “Descent of the Testes” tour (er, show) at the Casbah and if you weren't there -- then you are going to have to wait until their next reunion, probably next year. And don’t give me that shit about them never doing it again. We’ve heard THAT before. They’ve been playing so much over the last few years, “reunion” isn’t even an accurate description anymore. They’ve got fans, new material and CDs to sell. That’s more like a regular-playing band -- albeit a very slack regular-playing band -- than most bands you’ll see in Nashville who only get together to showcase to a producer, or a label, or whatever ass they are sucking on at the moment.

The presence of so many video cameras and trying to answer interview questions about the band, put me in a contemplative mood for the drive back to Nashville. Why did that scene thrive and continue on while many other 80s music scenes just kind of went away. Obviously, we can’t bottle up the talent and take it elsewhere and expect for the scene to go with it. We tried. The scene is site-specific and the original talent can either stay or go. By and large, the talent left (but it still has a place to call home).

In the next few weeks I’ll be adding functionality here. We need a place to put photos and music files. I’m thinking a link to might be good -- then again -- I might just move all this crap to a server in the house. At any rate, pull up a seat and stay awhile.


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