Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Nightmare Genesis:
Hello Bloggers. I’ve been enjoying your amazing fucking memories. How the fuck do you people remember all that shit! Between the chloroform, acid, draft beer, bong-hits and lack of sleep—it should not be physiologically possible (ah—but the kicker is, you can’t remember where you parked today—hard-drive is full).

I remember our first gig. John, Kurt and Donnie Poole had booked a gig and needed a singer. Yes they booked a gig and did not even have a band—very nice. I was playing bass w/Bleu Jackson (the first name IS spelled correctly) and the bugeouse blues band. I was jonesing for something more than shuffles in “G”, so I worked up some rockabilly shit to do at open hoot. They saw me, and said – this guy doesn’t totally suck, so why not ask him to sing.

We worked up 10 songs in John’s basement and in a couple weeks, there we were, in the parking lot of the McDonalds on Market St. No flatbed, just on the blacktop. We were billed as Brian and the Howling Tomcats of Doom (the “Doom” quickly disappeared. There were about 10 people there—and 3 we didn’t know, Mike n Lynne and Johnny Hicks. We were paid in food. A couple weeks later we played an encore at the McDonalds on Walnut St. Again…more food—and more people.

What sticks out are the rehearsals where I was trying to sing and play guitar—I could barely play guitar (I’m sure there are those of you whom I have played that are right now saying “you still can’t play”…fuck you) and it hurt to play an F chord, so I remember just playing the chords I could play without hurting. John, Kurt and Donnie were very cool, they could play great and had just graduated high school—I was very envious. I was 24 and would regularly hear comments like – “man, when I get to be your age, I hope I’m not still playing in a garage band (translation: I hope I have a life).

We did some open hoots afterward and people started coming out. Boy, we thought we were hot-shit. They offered us our own night at Down Home and before that gig we changed our name. John came up with Brian and the Nightmares. He and Kurt wanted to change it later on—many, many “band discussions” about dropping the Brian, cause it gave the perception that it was me with a backup band-- but it was too late—the name was ingrained. Of course I argued to keep it just the way it was…I mean, fuck man, shit…I was Brian.


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