Tuesday, August 27, 2002

OK...I may be wrong about Sam. Rumor had it that the reason all those cats cut out and left Burt to run the place was due to the sales of semi-automatic guns to an undercover agent in the club during off hours. I often wondered about the validity of this storie due to the harsh penalties for such actions...even in those days. If you know the real scoop on this please let me know.

I remember the first time I met Bleu. I was having a party for Angie's b-day at that place I lived in with Susan and Vicki. Stinky was doing a rehearsal/show in the living room. when we were finished this "old" drunk dude walks up to me in the kitchen and starts railing about how "the shit you guys are throwing down is too hot man". He blathered on for a while about keeping it real. The next thing I know is Angie is telling me to get Frankie away from her mom. Yes, her mom showed up to party and make sure everything was above board with the event. However, it seems that she had a few and started propositioning Frank in and around my room. She has passed on now and I will say that though she was an odd bird she does get much respect from me as her life wasn't a bowl of cherries yet she fought hard the whole time to keep everything together.


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