Thursday, September 26, 2002

Doug: would be interested in hearing your experiences. I think I saw a UFO once, but I don't know, so maybe I didn't. When I tell people about it, they say I must've been hallucinating. It flew over my car, in Cherokee Hills, J.C. Couldn't have been a plane---was only a ball of light, gold, not white like a comet or star either. Just a circular, gold ball that flew fast across the sky, as high as a plane, but not as high as a star. I don't know what I saw. The whole concept is creepy to me, but also believable. My boyfriend, Tom, sometimes thinks he's been abducted. Sometimes I think we both have. You gotta' wonder. It's either the biggest hoax on earth, or an incredibly large truth and conspiracy that radically changes people, sort of like Jesus. I just like the idea of distinct lines between good and evil, and when things get confusing, I want safety.


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