Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Freaky that I can work at a newspaper on a completely new computer system and still have trouble with the most basic of processes. Like using this damned publishing tool. And it seems just when I have something ready to go, I get interrupted by work. Referencing Lisa's description of Heather Berry from days and days ago---here is my description of when I first met her. My connection to the whole "Nightmares" scene was through many different paths---knowing Donnie and John since third grade (Kurt too), and Martin since tenth grade. Then also through my connections with Milligan College--when I went to school there for a semester and would go to Nightmare's shows with that crowd. Hope everyone had a good holiday.

The first time I met Heather Berry, we were both 17. Young. I worked in the guidance counselor’s office during my free period, and it was the first day of school at University High. Heather came into the office wearing her usual attire--long black skirt; hair comparably long and blue-black. She seemed acutely aware of her lips, covered with her staple ruby red lipstick, as she sat facing Mrs. Tiffany, answering questions and filling out paperwork. I was sitting to her right, knees to my chest, on a vinyl, cushioned green office chair, pretending to read but really glancing up from my book, staring at her, listening to the sound of her voice, dreamy. Through some purely subconscious adolescent process that I can only describe as skeletal, or muscular, visceral, I understood my own unquestioning obedience to rules. Heather made me extremely curious. Until that moment, I had never considered the possibility that I hadn’t yet lived.


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