Sunday, September 15, 2002

Holy bat-gerbil! The way you guys have been talking about PST you'd think someone actually read it or something. Why couldn't you guys have gotten so interested then, instead of just thumbing through and looking for your names.

From the Horses Mouth:
TCoker: I NEVER made any money from PST. It was just a happy coincidence that stemmed from the fact my girlfriend at the time's best friends Dad (take notes, there will be a quiz afterward) ran a print shop, and was willing to print the damn thing for free. Meanwhile, I found myself living next door to fine graphic artist in the form of Christopher Slaughter (Hi Ugly!) who was only too happy to let me exploit---that is, use his fine work in my publication. I also cannot credit Johnny Puke enough. Yes, he was an asshole (Man Howdy!!) but who knew he was also one hell of a writer? Check out his interview with the Bar-B-Que killers where he and the band get kicked out of the club theyre playing for smoking pot. (One of the band members just kept pacing and repeating "Man, our shits in there!" It's priceless!) His interviews, reviews, and general do-it-yourself attitude were instrumental.

Bill: You might wanna check the dosage on that Paxil scrip, bro...I quit doing the zine because the girl at the print store got wise and decided to start CHARGING me (shudder).
To all you whippersnappers out there this was way before the age of desktop insta-publishing, and printing cost beaucoup bucks. Since lots of people wanted to READ the zine but no one actually wanted to PAY for it...I would have kept it up as long as it could pay for itself. No offshore banking. Not that I wouldn't have spent the money if I could have made it.

UglyUgly: Actually my exact words were "childish" and "embarrassing" in reaction to your and Pukes little dog and pony show. I also distinctly remember telling Johnny " you are so full of shit its a wonder you dont squeak when you walk." I dont know
what that means, but I really havent seen or heard anything since to disprove it.

Good luck with the blog! Doing something like this is pretty thankless work, so respect to all of youse guys. I was there! I know names! I seen it all! I swear I'm not drunk!!


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