Saturday, September 14, 2002

I'm not sure I get the Bush/Enron/PST connection, but I do know what Bruce told me. He never made more than pocket change from the magazine, he was putting it out because he enjoyed it. He was good at it, too. It became a community publication, with all kinds of people contributing material.

Speaking of Bruce, he is one of the few people I remember meeting, mostly because of the circumstances. A bunch of us were packed into a huge 70s era Chevy looking to crash a formal dinner being hosted by the ETSU music department. There was this kid, and I mean kid, getting us all stoned. I asked his name and when Lisa Dockery heard it she cries out "Your Bruce Honeycutt!" Turns out she used to baby-sit him. She was really tickled by the whole thing. We crashed the party, got chased around by a bald guy in a tux, and ended up hiding in a tiny men's room. Ah, glory days.


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