Thursday, September 19, 2002

Julie: I should SAY your etiquette is bad. How DARE you interrupt our Smirnoff-and-seconal soaked rantings with your coherent narrative, intelligence, and obvious insight. For shame! Quick, grab a bong and turn on Springer before its too late!! There may yet be hope.

Brook, there were eight issues of PST. I cant believe you've saved so many...I only have three.(Nos. 2, 4, and 7) I've since been informed that "P.K. Eckleberg" is actually the name of a character from "The Great Gatsby". I do not actually know if this is true, since as you may know I NEVER LEARNED TO READ! (Sobs uncontrollably)

Snf. "Macbett" is a play by surrealist/dadaist/whateverist Eugene ("Rhinocerous") Ionesco. It is supposed to be an absurdist version of "Macbeth". The thing utterly tanked. I'm not sure if the blame falls upon the script or the production, but the final result was so incredibly fucking tooth-gnashingly horrible that its kinda difficult to care.

Bill! You're killing me! First you steal my Heather story, then you become the official FINAL CURTAIN historian. (Oooh ooh tell 'em about how we got Bleu Jackson and Co. kicked the hell out of Chucky Trading Company! Arguably our finest hour.).

Doug: Okay, you GOTTA play it now!! And you gotta have the spring-loaded Elvii inside the styrofoam pyramids. Hahahahahaha! I love it! I am easily entertained!

John Smith is God. Its true its true.

So I hear on NPR Bill Clinton has a new dog, and he's turned to us, the great unwashed masses, to help him think of a name! I would like to officially suggest "Spot"...HAW!... And thats the chime telling me its time for morning meds. Ciao, my little peppermint candy children.


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