Sunday, September 15, 2002

No Bill, I'm not saying that. Bruce said that.

Doug: I concur. The Stinky Finger 'joke' (as it began) was hysterical, unique and entertaining. But I was glad too see them team up with guys like you in EME (among others) who helped them round out their performances. They were just too creative and talented to stay in joke-mode forever.

Here's another "Dracula" story. As Bill pointed out, the final scene was played in the dining room amongst the audience. On our last show, myself (as Dr. Seward), Bruce (as young Jonathan Harker), and an actor who's name I can't remember (as Dr. Van Helsing) had made our way through the catacombs (which was the kitchen) and were standing at the coffin of the hideous creature (Franky) as it lay surrounded by a bunch of overdressed, slightly lit senior citizens. In the hushed silence I deliver my line: "Harker, hand me the hammer and stake."

Harker: "I thought you brought the hammer and stake. Wait here, I'll go get it!"

So Van Helsing and I were left to ad-lib while Bruce raced back through the kitchen, rattling some pots and pans, and started tearing the prop room apart looking for the huge wooden mallet and sharpened stake. What we didn't know was that the props couldn't be found and he and Bill were desperately trying to come up with a substitute. I was about ready to begin clearing tables when Bruce finally showed up with the new props, and for the first time in history Dracula was destroyed with a broken pool cue and a ball-peen hammer.


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