Tuesday, September 17, 2002

So far, Bill gets my vote for best Heather encounter!

My first encounter was when she strolled up to our tables and loudly announced over the music: "You know Tony, you're really loud!"
"Well thanks, Heather!" I said over the music, in basically my normal voice.
She scrunched her face for a second, then said, "Wait! That wasn't a complement!"
I replied with a big smile: "I know!"
She shook her hair slightly, looked at me the way exasperated mothers look at their mud-soaked four year old, and walked away. She was soooo cute.

Hiya, John. I miss the skiffle period. It did seem, for awhile, that every time I saw a band you were in it. I thought it was just weird deja-vu. Was Andy Boy the stage band for Grease? That's reaching-back into the fringes for me. It seems like Greese was some-kind of catalyst to the music around here. Any validity to my little hypothesis? (he said arching his eyebrow and pulling at his stubbly chin).

So, Doug. What would you take for that ten pound bag of religious pamphlets?


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