Friday, September 13, 2002

Who the hell are you people? I've lived in JC since 1981 and have never heard of any of you! Except for those Burt/Sam guys that Edwards keeps talking about. I actually had a class with them at ETSU, but back then they called themselves Say-id. It was a theater class! Those guys were thirty if they were a day! Why in the hell are thirty-year-old Iranian/Jordanian/Turk/Saudis taking a theatre class? My ass.

Edwards: Bruce didn't quit the mag because it wasn't profitable. He quit because he lost access to a free printing company via his girlfriend's best friend. Once the friend became, shall we say 'disenchanted' with Bruce she cut him off. A kind of six-degrees-of-mooching gone wrong. After that he folded like a cheap umbrella in a monsoon. Too bad.

Hey. John Smith guy. There isn't enough computing power at NOAA to resolve the intricate musician/band relationships spanning the period 1982 - 1994. Hell, I was Stinky Finger's manager for three years and didn't even know it!

E.Williams: Tell our stories before we get senile? If I get any more senile I'll be wetting my pants and calling the landlord "mommy". I can't agree that one needs to travel back in time to find a JC-like 'fringe' society. That scene was great, but hardly unique. I moved here from Athens, GA. In spite of the size of UGA, Athens was a small town, every bit as small as Johnson City still is. I saw the B-52s at the 'Hole In The Wall' just at the edge of downtown Athens (think 'Highlander' re:JC). They played in the basement of a space-for-rent building; no windows and a single glass door with the name stenciled on it. Most of the cool small towns I have ever visited/lived-in had one thing in common: a university. I think the combination of small town/university is a kind of oasis where misfits gather to bathe in the waters. Some are enlivened. Some drown. It sure beats hell out of the surrounding desert.

Anybody wanna make odds on D.Poole (a computing guru) actually getting involved in this? How about Christy? She could probably raise an eyebrow or two.

Infidels unite!


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