Monday, September 16, 2002

"Who is Spam Ramsley? The son of itinerant steelworkers, Spam was born on a freeway and raised on a mayonnaise farm in Incest County, Kentucky. With a pen in one hand and a bong in the other, Spam fights a never ending battle for Truth, Justice, and lower beer taxes!
What was PST? PST was an idea that never really came together. PST was a journal of the local music scene. PST was the desperate attempt of a frustrated writer/artist/musician/actor/you-name-it to do get noticed. Um, you might want to forget that last part.
If you're REALLY interested in PST (and why would you be?) head over to and click on the PSYCHIC SEX TURNIP link. Much mind drool is located there. And BTW Doug...why wont you guys play ELVIS IN THE PYRAMIDS anymore?. Hm?
Damn I love that song."


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