Saturday, October 26, 2002

$170,000 dollars in ten days. I think that is a WETS record.

Best highlight - During one of our challenge hours a man calls in and offers a free massage to the highest pledger for the hour. A young woman, who had volunteered to be on-air and talk about why she likes WETS, asked Wayne if this was a professional masseuse. Wayne said, "Nah. It's probably just some guy that hangs out at the bus station." Man, we fell about the place.

After some discussion at Quarterback's the first Hindu rib roast was officially dubbed the Indo-Tibetan Rib Roast and Pool Party (thanks largely to Bill). I seem to remember the first one as being larger than other's recall - I believe, all told, at least a hundred people were there if counted throughout the afternoon and night. Someone actually showed up dressed in a sheet fashioned as some kind of toga, thinking it was a costume party. He became a kind-of hero. Does anyone remember who that was? Over-all I have only vague memories spanning some three or four rib roasts:

Some guy leading several women armed with baseball bats, tennis rackets and various other bludgeoning instruments into the woods above The Farm on a snipe hunt. Wait... That was me.

And then there was the guy that got a bunch of us to pee on Doug and CC's tent early one morning, hollering about a monsoon. Wait... That was me.

And of course there was the time that guy threw a live chicken into Ralph and Vickie's tent while they were screwing. Oh wait....

Let's get the Wade Jayney story straight. We were desperate. The keg had run out WAY too soon. Wade, who didn't like me very much (even though he and I once teamed up to stop a giant black guy from killing Mary Beth with a flaming log [even though, at times, I felt like killing Mary Beth with a flaming log]) offered to buy a case of beer from the nearby VFW if he could push me into the pool. Unfortunately I didn't notice it was the SHALLOW end of the pool and gashed my head. Wade apologized later that night and I told him to forget it, it was an accident, and besides a deals a deal. That party was the last place he was seen alive. He was killed the next morning in a bad drug deal. As an epitaph I offered the following:

Wade Jaynee got shot, chopped up, stuffed in the back of an MG, set on fire and pushed off a cliff.
And all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

For those of you who don't think that's funny, I'll bet you Wade does.


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