Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Hi everyone,
Kurt here, former long hair and guitarist for Brian and the Nightmares. I noticed Juile in her first post mentioned that when the band formed she and I were dating. An amusing side story, Juile's mom did not like the looks of me. I remember well driving up to Julies House in the summer of '85, a Black Sabbath 8 track (yes, 8 track) in the stereo of my redneck muscle-mobile, and getting the fish eye from Mrs. Fann.
Someone told me later Mrs. Fann's assessment of me was as follows: "Pasty-faced, long hair, probably on drugs."
I also saw Doug Hilliard posting. My first memory of Doug and Electric Middle Earth is when Mike,
Doug's brother, played me a song of Dougs called "mother loves me anyway" I fell in love with that song, it's so dreamy. I still have a copy of it, if anybody cares to hear it, I'm always open to making a mix tape for my old friends.


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