Thursday, October 10, 2002

julie's mom's harsh assessment of the rough and tumble young hagardorn reminds me of the first time the JC crew came to my house to pick me up during a college break. i think it was donnie, martin and john (memory hazy, maybe the blev), my uncle (and official parental gaurdian) took me aside to warn me about these unseemly characters. drug-dealers! neer-do-wells! for god sake they are wearing Black Leather Jackets! so funny b/c at that time, they were pretty much, what's the word... straight. strangely, maddeningly straight! whereas my kingsport buddies (decidedly more "collegiate" dressers) were true trouble-makers! he was so off the mark, but how do you say to your guardian that THESE guys are a-okay, it's everyone else you should have been worrying about. oh, i can't wait to be a parent one day!

james -- it gets worse every week. i'm going to have to start following a different sport. what's it gonna be? nascar? frisbee golf? long-distance yodeling?


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