Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Kurt: I remember the eight-track stereo in your car well. And you weren't the only man my mother has given the "fish eye" too. She is ruthless, uncompromising, in her "principles"---has always been. As I get older, I worry I'm becoming more like her. I told her not long ago what you do for a living now (aren't you a critical care nurse at Duke hospital?). Mom was a nurse for over 30 years, so she was very impressed with that info and made a comment about possibly misjudging you. In those days, she was suspicious about every move I made, and, at times, with good reason----not, however, concerning you :). Hope all is well.
I'll have to tune in to Electric Middle Earth Saturday on ETS. Sounds like a good show. Am going to see Scott Miller and the Commonwealth at Down Home that night.


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