Wednesday, October 02, 2002

In the archives I saw your mention of Johnny Hicks and the incident at the Pub (if it was the pub then) when he wrote choice phrases on the backs of women's hands while he worked the door. I don't think that meant anything at all other than- that his social skills were somewhat regrettable at the time. I saw him a couple of years ago at the tattoo shop that used to be across the street from the bus station on Main. I was in there to use the phone (boring story) and the guy behind the counter looked a lot like him, and was. He said he was taking a breather from Seattle. We actually had a decent conversation, and he looked well---I’d heard bad reports about his health. He showed me his tattoos---one that extended from his right hip to his ankle, a nice rendering of a mummy, and another on his abdomen, extending to his pelvis, of Satan. They were definitely interesting. Was weird---went in there to use the phone and ended up staring at a picture of Satan on Johnny Hick’s pelvis. Who says Johnson City is boring?


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