Thursday, October 03, 2002

OH....MY....GOD...did someone mention the Hindu Rib Roast? For those of you out-of-the-loop types, the HRR was the party. Not A party, THE party. A full-on, slam-bang, take no prisoners assault upon our tender little minds. Shit, it even had a body count. Among my admittedly foggy memories of this liver-dessicating event are : James Arwood piercing Barbara Herds (Now Vance...yes, I'm talking about Drews wife) ear with a rusty safety pin and a potato(!!!), Tony Coker cracking his skull by diving into a swimmming pool containing only a foot or so of water, Doug Bernhardt being thrown into said pool while INSIDE a pup tent (and still not waking up), some crazy-ass farmer attempting to sell his children, cows walking around inside the house, and...the very last time Little Wade was seen alive. This was one barn-burner of a party, not to be forgott...that is, remembered by those who attended. Did I mention Johnny Hicks chasing the sheep? Argh! My memories are running together like colored play-doh in the Sahara. Too many psychedelics will do that to you, I suppose.. (Remember kids, Just Say More!) One of you more lucid types fill in some of these blanks for me, ya? Until then, I've got nuthin to do but scratch words in the dirt and watch the water roll down...


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