Thursday, October 17, 2002

Once, back in the day, I was asked to help judge a battle-of-the-bands style competition at the Highlander. Why I was asked I have no idea....possibly because of the Turnip folks thought I knew something about music. Fools! I remember the other judges being Doug the sound guy, Todd the UNbelievably sleazy proprietor, and some guy from the Dusters. No, I don't remember his name, but he was fat and I think he played bass. The prize was 100$ and all the crank you could snort, or something...anyhow, the final vote came down to some unremembered (but actually pretty good) punkabilly group and, you guessed it, the Fucking Prudes. We were split 50/50, Todd and I going for the prudes and Doug and fat blues dude going the other way. Whilst I thought that the prudes were one of the most original things I had seen, the dissenting opinion was that they were nothing but a bunch of drunken college girls, and not really worthy of the "opportunity", while the other band had actual talent, and deserved the money. Prudes, I fought for you all the way, but the tide turned against me, and now I'd be willing to bet NO ONE can remember the name of the other band...and this from the guy who said Stinky Finger would never be popular. Maybe my magic 8-ball is on the fritz...

Elizabeth: Sorry, wrong......but LOL2002!!!!

Donnie Poole will NEVER return anything he borrows from you. Ever.

Brian Relleva really is one heck of a nice guy.

Did Heather Barry EVER learn to walk properly in heels?

MEGAPLEZ ALL UP IN DA HIZZOUSE!!! Dont know why, just felt like writing that. I hear he thinks I'm an asshole. Moi, Scott?

Should I tell you about when Kurt Hagardorn and Johnny Hicks, after listening to WAAAY too much Red Hot Chili Peppers, showed upon Rosalies' doorstep wearing nothing but smiles and socks on GOODNESS look at the time. SPOON!


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