Sunday, October 06, 2002

Peter O'Toole.....if it's not an assumed name it should be. I'm sure a porn star would have used it if Mr. O'Toole hadn't made it big. lol. On another note...I was watching Boomeraction on cartoon netwerk the other night. Anyway...they play te old Hanna Barbera stuff from the seventies like Johnny Quest, Space Ghost and the Herculoids. On this night the Herculoids were fighting an evil guy named "Faelac" who's hover ship looked a lot like a ....well, you can guess. The only way to stop him was to destroy the helmet of power he wore...which was crowned with an antenna that looked much like......his ship. I laughed as hard as the art director for that episode must have laughed the morning it aired. MARK!!!! What's up! Good to hear from you. Oh, Brook...I read your entry about the Titans and had to make sure of the date you posted.....they look worse than a two dollar New Orleans whore.


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