Saturday, November 09, 2002

I caught a fish too. A bunch of us went to Watauga Lake, put worms on a hook, slung them into the water, shoved the pole handles into the ground and propped the poles up with forked sticks. Then we went into a nearby cave, built a fire and got drunk and stoned all night. The next morning we all went down to the lake to gather up the poles, but my line was caught on something. I said, "Hey, my line is caught on something." Tom said, "It's not caught, there's a fish on it! Reel it in." So I did. Pulled out a seven or eight pound bass, which we fried and ate with scrambled eggs. Since my presence wasn't actually required to catch the fish, I decided to just for-go that part of the experience from then on.

Why is it that when your side wins an election it is democracy, but if the other side wins an election it is totalitarianism? Inquiring minds want to know.


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