Tuesday, November 26, 2002

This is so weird and funny, I have to tell. I received a press release at work about this group in Florida who are worried because a company down there is making what they called “an Osama-bin-Laden doll”. Out of curiosity, I called the company, which is nothing but two or three guys renting out a space somewhere. The guy I talked to said the dolls originated in Europe, and they decided to make and market them here too. (the legalities of that would be iffy I would think.) The supposed “Osama” doll is just a doll that’s supposed to be an Arab. Is wearing a turban, and when you press a button, it says “Why you talk in front of my back?” and also “I order cheeseburger, but, no meat please”. The guy played this for me over the phone. Other dolls the company makes are a Jewish American Princess doll who says (he played all these back to me), “I don’t care if it IS circumcized, I’m not putting it in my mouth.” Also, a horny Chinese guy who says, “Don’t worry. I put peanut oil on it, and it slide in reeaaal easy.” Also a redneck doll named Bubba. Can’t remember what he says but something having to do with a remote control and beer. The dolls cost $14.
Re: SoCon hoops. the sports guys here at the paper are really into it.


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