Monday, December 30, 2002

Ah yes, equal opportunity. There were annoying drunk men, too. But, on this night it was the ladies causing me the most trouble (story of my life.. heh heh).

David, thanks for the CD version of the Buck Fifty recordings. I've actually got three of the original tapes (that still have the Back Door price tag on 'em, believe it or not), but a CD will last much longer. The musician in me grimaces at some of those recordings. But, it's very cool to have such a historical document.

Other interesting moments of the weekend: 1) Marion still remembering that I always ordered a slice of cheese and a mountain dew everytime I came in the joint; 2) Momentarily losing my coat (which contained said Buck Fifty CD and my cell phone), only to find that good people (Lisa and Sarah) had moved it with theirs to the side; 3) Seeing a "Scullsoup" flyer in the entrance (do they still play???); 4) Wishing I could show off my favorite new hobby (swing dancing) during a few of the nightmares tunes, but not having nearly enough room to do it. :)



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