Monday, December 30, 2002

Alan: The pictures are great, and I wish I could somehow download them as a screensaver or somethin’. And good to hear the run-down of the Friday set and Saturday’s encores, since I wasn’t there for those.

Man, I’ve never in my life seen my brother dance (it’s just not “him”) but he sure was cuttin’ a rug at that show! I think he was impressed that I know such cool, smart, talented people. I almost wish I had been there Friday instead though, since Saturday was so crowded, and we ended up staring at a bunch of unattractive ass even though we had a primo table up front. Who were those people on the stage anyway? Does anyone know who they were? (If anyone out there was one of them, I didn’t mean YOUR ass.) Also, I missed seeing a bunch of the old UH crowd Friday--Michael Miller, Martin, Doug Powell, and others. I did see Phil Bowman though and had trouble remembering his damn name. Unnerving. And Scott, you looked great and sounded great too. Todd was so happy to see you and everyone else. “American Band” absolutely rocked. I enjoyed the entire show---from start to finish. Oh, and Rodney Webb. Wow. I was SO thrilled to see him since I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately. It was truly great to see all of you again. I think I’d kind of forgotten how much fun it really was.


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