Sunday, December 22, 2002

Alright Bill , you want vomit and lots of it. I will tell you a story about my youngest daughter Bonnie . When she was maybe 3 months old she was perhaps the best mass producer of projectile vomit the world has seen since little Regan in The Exorsist. Good volume, perfect viscosity, and a silky smooth texture. One afternoon my lovely wife Marsha was about to put the little nipper in her hi chair, when li'l Bonnie decided to spray vomit all over the dining room carpet, walls furniture and all. This in itself is bad but Marsha was in a panic and kept holding our beautiful baby girl while she was doing her best pressure driven spooge hose imitation. Whatever was in the direction Marsha turned with Bonnie, recived a good base and top coat of oatmeal and formula. We had to remodel the dining room after that. I won't get into all the baby poop stories til later


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