Thursday, December 19, 2002

Another story from me...

Uncle Green was always a JC favorite. Even though they were from Atlanta, they were like JC adopted sons. Buck Fifty once opened for them at the Highlander. Fast forward about two years, and I'm living in Murfreesboro finishing up my bachelor's degree. Uncle Green was playing in nashville. So, I trek down to see them. I run into them standing outside the Exit/Inn, and before I can say anything, one of them says, "Buck Fifty man!" This blows me away, becuase unlike many other folks, I never got to know them in their many trips to JC. So, we procede to have a nice conversation and I see them rock it out later.

Fast forward again, this time about 5 years. In 1999 I arrived in Atlanta with a new job in a new city. On my third day of work, I head over to the student center to help out with international orientation. One of the campus tour guides is looking familiar to me, and I realized it was Pete, Uncle Green's drummer. So, I wander over, still not 100 percent sure it's him, and ask "are you a drummer." He recognizes me instantly. "Buck Fifty man!" Spooky the memory those cats have.

I remember seeing them at the Pub once and they rocked out so hard, and we were all dancing like crazy (note for another story... when, why and how did the Twist become the official dance that JC folks did at rock shows?). After they end, Drew, Russ and I start rhythmically banging on beer bottles. We end up doing this for about 5 minutes before they come back to play another song. We all continue doing the Twist for another 15 minutes or so.


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