Tuesday, December 03, 2002

As I sit here listning to The Medieval Babes, and Nine Inch Nails, some of the past is starting to come to me.
I remember fondly sitting at Quarterbacks with Bill and I belive Coker and possibly Frankie but im sure Jimmy Hartsock was there.
Im sure we were discussing world events , possibly global warming and what not. At some point Jimmy decided that since we were all sitting at a round table
we were "Knights of the round table". One thing led to another and for some reason ( mass quanities of beer) Jimmy and i started eating the
potted fern that was in the large picture window. Much of the crowd were amused by this sight. However as the night wore on Jimmy and I started
doing cartwheels on the tables. This was the only time I was ever thrown out of Quarterbacks.


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