Thursday, December 05, 2002

Being immersed daily in the news business, these comments on politics so give me hope---that someone out there sees (though I know Brook is not at all the only one who does). And this statement I will add because I personally believe it applies to Bush, Kissinger, Laura and her damned dress, me, you the blog, my family, everyone in the universe----------that it is much more comforting to remain obligated (a slave) to preserving the past; to continually re-visit who we once were (not that there's always something wrong with that); to cling to one mode of story-telling, than it is to re-define ourselves--to say something new, do something new, be something new. I guess what I'm saying is----this blog thing---can it be a place to reminisce AND a place to morph, shapeshift, change? And that Frankie Spangler story, in my opinion, was completely uncalled for---in the most glorious, comical way.


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