Thursday, December 12, 2002

:)... i've been in nashville too long.

i have this conversation quite a bit about what is the right way to share and use music., especially of people you know. not that i think anyone from the JC scene would haul you into court over an mp3  -- nor will you burn in hell for trading songs with folks. just wouldn't want to piss anyone off.

robert blevins made us an anthology of plez material. he gave it to us years ago. it's almost always in the car. i've listened to it as much as anything else (liz phair, minutemen). great car music. but i have always felt a little guilty for having it since it didn't come from scott. scott, i owe you ten bucks. get it from robert. :)

if anyone wants any old andy boy songs i can post some mp3s on my ftp thingy.


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