Monday, December 30, 2002

Good people, good people. I got home after the Saturday nightmares show and realized that I'd been smiling for 5 solid hours. From the moment I walked into the room (which in itself took a little while due to a mix up with the ticketweb report they had at the door... thanks for saving us Brook!) to the time that we left, I just grinned. It was an absolute thrill to see people that I'd not seen in such a long time. Plez, Leslie, Barbara, Lisa, Sarah, Brook, Ditty, David, Bobby, Whit, Julia, Drew, Hans, Phil Bowman, Mike Hilliard (who is not only JC royalty, but also one of my favorite humans), John, Marion, and Kurt. Seeing Kurt on stage again really made me miss being in Gumption. Different era, but still very good times. I know there are others who I'm forgetting. But, it was the type of reunion that I will appreciate for some time to come.

Of course, there were aspects of the show that made me remember things that I *didn't* like about nightmares shows in "the era," specifically drunk women dancing and having absolutely no respect for the space of others. But, putting up with that was well worth the the memories.

I didn't get to say goodbye to many folks as we darted out rather quickly toward the end of the night. But, it was really great to see everyone.



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