Friday, December 20, 2002

Hmmm, a vomit story from former Final Curtain members you say.
Dang, Bill where do i begin. I fondly remember all the times growing up
waking up at your house, covered in vomit
(now that I think of it I hope it was my own vomit) too scared to
open my eyes because i had absolutly
no idea where i was or how i got there.
Geez Bill how much dried vomit do you think was inside the passenger door on the old Valiant?
And Roland dont feel you are the only one who never made it in the house but i did have a pillow of hamburgers and a 6 pack of Moosehead to
keep me company wlile I slept in the back yard. Amd one of my favorite puke stories was when i was married to
my first wife. It was a New years party i think...well any way. I think Bill was there. I remember we were at friend of ours , who by the way looked like Andy Summers.
I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking beer out of a friut jar eating an apple when all the beer and fiber from the apple melded in to something sick and wrong and it wanted out of my innards. I stood up and headed for the restroom but i was too slow, and the whole mess erupted from every orifice in my head. I slipped on the vomit and fell to the floor covered in my own filth, writhing around like a beached walrus. Let this be a lesson kids Just say no to drugs and alcohol. Thats all for now folks.


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