Monday, December 16, 2002

I forgot two bands:

1. Top Ramen and the Noodles (or soemthing silly like that) with Mike Hilliard and Tad (late-era Nightmares drummer).
2. A pre-Gumption band also called Gumption with Mike Hilliard and two other folks in Middle Tennessee. When Kurt and I moved to Chapel Hill to start a band we couldn't think of a good name. So, we ripped me off. The first Gumption was named after a mythical Tennessee city that my friend Mark created to symbolize all things redneck. The first Gumption was sort of a hillbilly group, so the name seemed appropriate. When Kurt and I took it on for our group, it didn't have any real meaning. We just thought it sounded good.

Band names are silly. :)


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