Tuesday, December 10, 2002

In defense of myself, I hafta say that I'm really not as serious as I come across here. Well, I am serious, but I also know how to laugh and take a joke, and I sure as hell didn't spend all my time in Chicago reading my bible. I saw a LOT of great music, art, and plays, and there was a cool music scene I was also a part of there. Got to see U2 at a teeney place called the Aragon Ballroom on their War tour. Held onto both of Bono's feet (this is the truth) while he sang "40". Also saw the Replacements in their heyday. paul westerberg threw a pitcher of beer in my face. Also saw Bruce Coburn at the Vic (he’s a favorite of mine), Elvis Costello, others. Had dinner with Big Dipper, a small band in the city, before they played once. And a good friend of mine, Tammy, was serious friends with Cynthia Plastercaster, who casted the cocks of many a famous rock star. Tammy and I went to college together, and at one point she and her boyfriend were found handcuffed, naked, and attached to a refrigerator in the billy graham center. And they didn’t banish her. had she been handcuffed with another woman, though, they probably would’ve.And David your art is absolutely gorgeous, and intense.


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