Saturday, December 21, 2002

the longest vomit story....Bill, we all will hail hail to your battle cry.
This is a little ditty about Final curtain getting banned from the Down Home while most of it's members were having a quiet beer at Quarterbacks. A couple of qualifiers first, tho.....
Whoever came up with the idea of soaking sheets of paper in psychotronics was a genius. What better way to control a group of people that can change the world then by giving them the opportunity to to do it from inside themselves.
Bruce and i were indulging in certain pleasures and somehow wound up at Down Home as the nightmares were playing. The above noted pleasures involved some kind of barbs for Bruce, a coupla pieces of paper for me and lot's of Tequila....I remember lot's of Tequila.
At any rate, Brian and the boys played one of their token KISS songs and we all got up and started dancing. Bruce made the mistake of bouncing into some redneck's chair. Bubba got up and promptly smashed his budweiser bottle on Bruce's head. No "hey there, asshole" or any thing - just glass splattering and bruce unconscious on the dance floor
I, in one of my rare instances of angst, took exception to this redneck clocking my friend with a beer bottle. Bad form whoever you were. As I tried to gather Bruce's bleeding cranium from the dance floor, who should appear? Phil , by god, Leonard. I tried to explain to him, rationally, what had occured, but as I was the guitar player for Final Curtain, he had nothing to do but decide it was my fault.
I picked Bruce up and got him walking - not coherent but mobile - then Phil , by god, Leonard decided that we were a blemish on the face of the Down Home and asked us to leave.
For those of you who didn't know me back then, I was a little edgy...easily pissed off. I tried to reason with Phil , by god, Leonard and explain what had happened and he decided that the best course of action was to touch me. Remember, my brothers and sisters, I was edgy and not happy about being here, so I threw him against the rail that seperated the booths from the tables.
I then collected the gelatinous Honeycuttand we proceeded to QB's to let the rest of the band know that we had been officially kicked out of the Down Home.

End part one.....Don't worry, Bill. There will be vomit in this story eventually


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