Saturday, December 14, 2002

never dare a girl with a gas card! the very best thing about being young and stupid is spur-of-the-moment road trips.

that party was the only time i can remember ever buying a keg of beer and i think it might have my birthday or the end of school or both. i'm sure ann appreciated us leaving her there with a houseful of people, one of whom was josh morris' republican brother, who liked nothing better than engaging me in political fisticuffs. don't get me wrong, i'm sure josh's republican brother, whatever his name is, is/was a nice enough guy... but i remember thinking that at that moment, my happiness level would increase with the distance i could put between myself and him.

and i was right until we hit the possum. i was sure that was a baaaad sign. there was a pelt of grey fur on the towing ring on the front of the nissan for days it seems. it was stuck with a clear, crystalized substance. and i can attest to the fact that that was the world's largest possum. it was the size of a small, fat, furry child.

you forgot to mention we wound up in myrtle beach! during *bike week* what a freak show. we seemed so normal (swimming in our street clothes) in comparison. such great timing. we snuck into a campground to take showers -- might as well have been invisible amid the bikers.

do you remember martin luther king blvd in lumberton! the throngs of people all looking like they had walked off the set of Devil in a Blue Dress. the positively lynchian decay. granted, that might have been the drugs or the coffee or the angry spirt of the world's largest possum -- but something was cosmically askew in lumberton, NC. and for those guys to be watching Blue Velvet at that very moment, duuuude!

all in all, the most disturbing thing that whole weekend was johnny hicks hiding behind the door at the apartment when we finally got back sunday nite. i have never been so yanked on caffeine. he scared the shit out of me. i was confused. tripping on coffee. i thought i might punch him, but went to bed instead.


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