Thursday, December 05, 2002

To be completely and totally honest, I'm trying to piece together what all happened back then. I know it may come as a surprise to all of those who knew me back then, But I did a lot of drugs and drank entirely too much.

To elizabeth.....I still can't figger who you are, but keep dropping clues like mary beth and I'll get there. However, gotta agree with Dave on the bowie gig....If the mares played, say, Dynamo Hum, I might have had a mini epiphany. Zappa Is God. (actually, Dan van Vliet is God, Zappa is an Elohim).

If you worked with Tony Black with the ASL to fuck over the SGA, you can't be all that bad in my book. No matter how you may feel about me. Maybe if you let me know how you were the butt of that story, I could clear out my karma.

Damnit Dave, I thought I wasn't Jenny From the

War is strength. Slavery is peace. Ignorance is freedom.


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