Friday, December 06, 2002

"Uncalled for" was not meant, in my mind, as a judgmental statement directed at anyone, especially Willis. Sorry that Willis or anyone else took it that way. I thought the story was, as I said, extremely funny and interesting. "Uncalled for" was an expression of how I tend to view certain topics ---not as a judgment on how anyone else does. Obviously I had a question as to what is “permissible” here---since I told a "different" story a week or so ago that had nothing to do with johnson city, or anyone I knew in 1985, or anyone I know now----the bin Laden doll story. Got no response from it. Which raised in my mind a question about blogging rules, about the boundaries, limitations, of this particular blog. My question, statement, wasn't a judgment on anyone; instead, it was an inquiry about the definition of blogging, since this is a community of sorts.

As far as my comment about the playing of Suffragette City being a “divine accident”----it was a divine accident to me because it spoke to me at a time when I needed to hear something about female/personal power and didn’t even know I needed to hear it. There are other personal reasons behind the meaning of it to me too that I won’t broach. It wasn’t at all to say that there was no mind behind the playing of it, or no forethought, or no attachement on the part of the players to its meaning.


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