Sunday, December 22, 2002

The vomit's coming, Bill. I promise.
To Continue the story, however.....
I just assumed that Bruce and I were personally banned from the Down Home. After a half hour or so on the sidewalk, explaining to Bruce what happened to him , we went on to QBs to share our adventure with Bill, Rick and Roland. A big laugh was had by all and the incicent was quickly buried beneath the next pitcher of beer.
Shortly after this incident, the Johnson City Press decided that perhaps the JC music scene might be more interesting than the newest apple pie recipe. Kudos to all for garnering their interest. Down Home being the premier musical venue, Phil, by god, Leonard was the one interviewed and quoted in the article. At that point in time, there were the 'mares, Catfish Special (Brian's brother, Chip "Dead Eye" Justice and the effervescent Roland Tester), and Final Curtain.
In this article, we discovered a few of things that we didn't know before:

1) Down Home is a music club (we thought they were closed on mondays for religious reasons)
2) Final Curtain didn't play music (E A D G C still sound like music to me)
3) Final Curtain would no longer be playing at the Down Home {thanks, Phil, by god, Leonard for telling us before a public humiliation)

We were all shocked and dumbfounded. Yes, I'M an asshole, but how the hell did Bruce's bleeding pate lead us to this point?


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