Sunday, December 15, 2002

Wow. Plez doing Like a Virgin brings to mind a strange story of seeing Plez at The Highlander. I rode over with Gary (as I did so often then) and the show was as always stellar. About 1:30 am, I turned to Gary and said, "I gotta get up and work in the morning, we'd better head out." Just then, Plez started playing Like a Virgin and Gary said, "Hey, one more song and we'll go." By the time the song was over, it was 2:20. Plez had Like a Virgined for nearly an hour. Sure he wandered around with it a bit and I'd guess that a good half of the songs he knew got mixed in with it but it was still nearly an hour of Like a Virgin. I think this has to be some sort of record. Just goes to show what a swashbuckler the ol' Plez was. You never knew where he would end up, but it sure would be fun getting there.


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