Sunday, January 26, 2003

The 1991 horse head. I remember seeing that thing at Mike's apartment. It was dark out, and, yep, definitely a horse head. What the hell?

Love those pictures of Tim Peretti. What an anomaly he is. Saw him a couple weekends ago at a Darden Smith show at Down Home.

Went to see the Shazam and became bored. Couldn't hear the words. Sorry everyone. There was a real blonde guy/chick playing, and Tom and I kept debating if the human was male or female, but anyway he/she had a great haircut. I've decided to get my hair cut like that guy/chick this week---70's shag, lots of layers, Joan Jettish. I'll probably have to use lots of Bed Head to make it look right. Don't know why the band bored me. I'm so into compilations these days. I make a lot of tapes with a lot of stuff mixed together---lately Lauryn Hill, Greg Brown, Aimee Mann, J.J. Cale, World Party, Beastie Boys, Breeders, Buddy Guy. The same sound for too long just makes me want to sleep. Maybe I should have stuck it out longer.


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