Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Al maki who is a close personal friend of mine,,, tells me i need to get
some stuff from you to get on the blog ,, my name on is ( blog
page,,,,, dinks world )and dink the greek is my user name i think anyway but
if you want to give me a new one its ok ...dink shackleford is my real name
I'm sure several will rem me as i may still owe them $...

for my first post if you would be so kind or let me know what i need to do

hi ya'll ... i was the drunk cripple who lived at buc ct ...ETSU ,,Pol sci minor and history major.. and i picked up a masters in city management .. boring i know .. but it got me a job so what the heck ..I was also a was a TKE the beer drink club and sort of anti frat... but most important i was a brian and
was and still am a nightmare fan .. i jumped out of my chair once at a show to gator
and they stoped the music cause everyone thought i was having a fit ... i
was just doing the worm when i open my eyes and all were standing around
looking at me ... i think it was at that hotel beside I-81 on the right as
you take the roam st , exit .. hey hey da blues is allright ..i was also the cripple killer with a chain saw one halloween and won a 1st prize at the down home....... good to see ..and good to see so many old names from the past ,,,there certainly was a music movement in the 80's there sort like in Athens GA. only more rock-a - billy ...true to our roots. glad to see bill edwards still alive would have bet money against that one and
scott plez for that matter .hey boz goober says hey.... i thought we allready had a rock and roll
museum .. the bathroom wall at the downhome .... I rem " I'm a lawnmowerman "on the wall there

i ride my lawnmower past my school
I'm a lawnmowerman
all the kids think I'm cool
I'm a lawnmower man
I'm a lawnmower man

what a writer ........what were other great words of wisdom from that wall
anyone rem ?


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