Monday, January 27, 2003

Chris, Thanks for the Tim Paretti photos. There's a guy who could make his bones picking in any American city, yet he chooses Abingdon, Va. What a twisted masochist, and an incredible musician and songwriter. It looks like those Tim photos might have come from a Clear show. Clear -- another band as yet unmentioned on the blog, also wiped their bee-hinds with the so-called auteurs of the so-called jam band scene. Right before them, Tim had the Electric String Band, with Dave Seay (!).

Those pics remind me of my favorite Tim Paretti story. He was one of my groomsmen, and as such supped with us at the rehearsal dinner. My then-3-year-old nephew, Dylan, got a look at Tim and began laughing pretty much non-stop until he just got too tired to make a laughing sound. My Dad told me later that he asked Dylan why he had laughed so hard at Tim, and Dylan said, "He has a tail!" Said tail would be the extry-long goatee you see dangling from Paretti's chin in the photos.


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