Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Cricket Machine...... that's a hoot. I remember once on the Highlander calendar Drew (I think) or someone had written "Real Exciting Men" and "Reemed Every Midnight," both in reference to that band's affinity for sounding a whole lot like REM :)

I remember a group called So Inclined played JC a few times, but I think I might've been the only person who liked them. There was also Dresden 45 a punk-rocky kinda group who I think played the Highlander a few times. Clockhammer was from Nashville (and their drummer later went on to play with Uncle Tupelo and Wilco. David Barbe's Monsterland played the revitalized Pub Outback (post Highlander-era) less than a year before he went on to form Sugar with Bob Mould.

How about Hillbilly Frankenstein! Remember that guy's antics with the glow stick juice and jacket with xmas lights all over it... and a bass player so drunk she could barely stand up? I believe the singer guy is still active here in atlanta in a few groups.


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