Monday, January 06, 2003

Dear Bill,
I was at the Picnic in the Jonesborough Graveyard, around 1986. Heather and I and some others, ( I can't remember for sure, but likely candidates are Donnie, Martin, Drew, Robert Blevins, and Johnny HIcks.) took a picnic to the Jonesborough Graveyard around 11 or midnight or so. I think Heather made the fried chicken, something she's damn good at. Biscuits were definitely present. I guess there's not that much to tell, but it was a great evening.
We settled down to our picnic, and maybe within 20 minutes the Jonesborough Police showed up. Heather and I went out to greet them and their flashlights. Before they could say anything, Heather call out to them, "Hi, how are you doing?" and smiles. This definitely put the cops off balance. (If you are a boy, you know that it is easy to fall under Heathers powers)
In a sort of perplexed tone, one cop said, "What are y'all DOIN' here?".
Heather proceded to cheerfully describe the contents of your picnic, and offered the police a chance to dine with us. They declined, saying that the people who lived in the large old house nearest the graveyard called 'cause they heard noise and people milling around the tombstones. They saw that we had no alcohol, which he hardly did have around in those days. (Donnie being the most ardent and vocal non drinker!!!!!!!)
Anyway, the cops said, "Well, as far as were concerned you can stay, just clean up after yourselves."
They retreated back to the cruiser to ponder what they had seen, especially a beautiful pale women with red lipstick and a fancy dress offering them chicken in the graveyard in the middle of the night.
Later, we reflected on how cool the cops had been, since many cops would have hassled us and made us leave. So we drove to the J-town police station and gave them an extra apple pie we had left over.
Well, I'm damn glad I saw all of you at the shows. btw, I forgot to bring Gumption CD's to the shows. That was a band I was in after the Nightmares with Gary Miller and Jody Maxwell from Sex Police.
I like the first Nightmare record, but the Gumption CD Ultramaroon is defintely the album I'm most proud of. If you want a copy for free, just send me your address I'm at



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