Friday, January 17, 2003

gee Scott, you make it sound like everyone in JC simultaneously climaxed in 1988, and now we are all sitting back enjoying a cig before we lower ourselves into our coffin.

I'm not offended by anything you wrote, I agree that our days of youth are gonedaddygone, but I do think you're reading too much "purpose" into the blog.

Blog has no purpose. It is a blank sheet of paper made possible because of a group of renegade software developers (Pyra). I remember being 19 and 20 wanting more than anything to be able to publish something people would read and want to participate in. Could we have published something easily -- so inclusive -- so CHEAP, in 1988? Hell no! We can share stories and yak all nite long, because of people full of piss and vinegar created Blogger. History books tell the "history" of the committees who pay for them. We can tell any history we want. I think it's pretty damn revolutionary and that's something I would have approved of very much as a 19-year-old.

and YES, the music industry "regulates" the rock out of rock -- always has, always will. The music industry could care fucking less about the music. But, until Ashcroft says otherwise, it's still up to people to decide for themselves what interests them musically. If it's Ethnic Hillbilly Garage Rock, or Happy Valley Power Pop, or Lo-Fi Singer/Songwriter concept albums, then the market can either recognize that or not. Their loss if they don't. Bloggers who have shared their thoughts about these bands shouldn't feel they are any more pathetically living in the past than anyone who has ever discussed Bach or Miles Davis at a cocktail party. No one ever says, "sure that Bach was a great composer, but what is he doing now?"

So, don't be so hard on the scene, man. :)

as an aside... the only reason we have movies like Almost Famous, is that no one had the balls to tell Cameron Crowe to take his big talentless ass on a long fucking vacation and quit stinking up the multi-plex with his insufferable whining. He's the fucking devil.


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