Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Ha Ha... yeah, you were in a goofy poll done for B&W, and you were the only one in the poll who preferred unfrosted pop-tarts.... except for maybe Mike Hilliard. Maybe that's why 'Mike and Ike' was so magical (and, of course, by magical I mean dorky). Actually, why don't you and Mike both move with me wherever I end up and we start up Mike and Ike again. 'dems was good times!

I'll email you my address for the discs. Thanks so much... did Chris Stamey ever get paid or are y'all still having to like take care of his dog and chop wood and stuff to pay for that record? :) By the way, you know they have us listed on amazon.com as "out of print"? Also, a woefully inaccurate bio was written by some unknown person for www.allmusic.com. They even have one of our press photo (go to the site and do a standard search for Gumption and it pops right up!)


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