Thursday, January 30, 2003

Here's a relevant JC story...
I forget the occasion, but there was a party at the old apartment at Meleubro. There was a bunch of people on the balcony -- Eric Youngquist, Sindy Byrd, Liz Turnbull, Lynn Youngquist, Paul Eckleman... too many to remember. It must have been 1988. It was a mild JC night, drinking Tequilla and cavorting over Roan Street, discussing all kinds of crazy stuff when someone asked if we thought we'd ever see Armageddon. To my utter surprise, most on the balcony answered in the affirmative. as in, we would be the generation that stood watch as is all went up in flames. only one of us had the excuse of a fundamentalist upbringing. the rest -- we just believed it. took it for granted, even.

so what gives? is this part of our collective psyche? do you fellow bloggers feel this way? is it bracing for the worst so anything less than Armageddon will seem like a life well-lived? or have we just absorbed the dominant myth to the point of embracing the thought of going out with a big bang? maybe every generation thinks they are the last in line. but doesn't that seem hopeless and ridiculous?

maybe our generation had a vision. maybe the intuition was right. maybe nothing matters and whatever Bush Jr. does, there ain't shit we can do about it. but, all things being equal -- isn't it better to be a thorn in the ass of Armageddon, rather than an accomplice?


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