Wednesday, January 22, 2003

hey guys cbs is looking at doing a show on the real beverly hillbillies ,,, i have spoken to one of the porducers and he assures me they want someone with hiogh self esteem who can have fun with all the weirdos in the land of fruits and nuts .. i think it would be good to show off some strong mt values .. we are funny look at big tom and Ralfe Stanley and the album they did "o brother" i aint ashamed of him heck he makes me proud .. it seems to me the people who want to victumize us un's are the yankee lib's and the like ... there is a JC family on ABC "my life is a sitcom" to be aired soon on the ABC family channel .. so this relates to JC stories i suppose ,, i just thought this would be a good subject for ya'll to sound off on ? or not ...


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