Wednesday, January 15, 2003

I just realized that I think I confused LaBrea Stompers with Hillbilly Frankenstein.... Maybe HF is what the more recent band by that dude was named. No sure... too much caffeine in the system today.

How about "Cages"... bwaa ha ha ha. Anyone remember them? I think during their "residency" at the Pub several of us (Dan Street, Russ, myself, maybe others) decided to get duded up rather sarcastically in heavy metal outfits. I was wearing this godawful outfit that Danny had pieced together for me. It was like some gold glittery shirt, and black pants that had lace up the sides of both legs. I remember Russ was dressed in a more biker/metal outfit. But, anyway, we go trucking down to the Pub, and are being all ironic and such, and I run into someone I went to high school with. So, here I am dressed up like a complete goober, and this fellow says, "hey gary, how's it going?" without ever batting an eye on my outfit.

I never figured out if he thought I was really into it or if he just chose to ignore it....


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