Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Kurt, dude. If you're giving away Gumption CDs, you'd better mail my ass a few copies!! I'm down to two!!!! I'm glad you're proud of those records, because I am too. I think we had a heckuva little band there, and in an alternate universe (one that didn't involve recording that freakin' unreleased album with Faruchi) we would've been huge! :) If we ever end up living in the same town again, we must continue to rock. Of course, there's at least some possibility that I'm moving to Texas or Seattle relatively soon. So, pack yer stuff.

As for Uncle Green, at least two of those fellas still live here in Atlanta. I ran into Pete (the drummer) on my third day of work at GSU. He was finishing a degree here at the time. And I still see Jeff (guitarist/second vocalist) on the Marta train sometimes, but I've only spoken to him once. They recorded an album under a different band name (3lb Thrill) back in the mid-to-late 90s. But, I haven't heard that they're doing anything musically these days. That said, I'm totally out of the loop with Atlanta music.

Now, as for the Highlander, I've got many a memory of that place. By the time I'd started coming out to shows on a non-stop basis, it was summer of 1988, and the Highlander was in full swing then. I saw some great bands there, and some not-so-great bands, too. But, I was just tickled to be seeing live music 4 or 5 nights a week.

I also recall once playing an open mic night there with Kim McLeod, Linda Barnett, and Kim's friend whose name slips my mind right now. I was on bass, and the three ladies sang and played various percussion. We figured we'd be performing in front of 10 of our friends. But, it happened to coincide with the first performance of Greeneville's answer to the Chilli Peppers -- Scull Soup! The room was packed full of crazy ass Greeneville dudes and I was up there on stage with some kinda no-drugs straight edge sticker on my bass playing a cracked version of "I am Woman" with three loony gals. Good times. :)


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